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NORM can be a costly, complex and serious issue for E&P companies.

As one of very few companies in the nation authorized and permitted to dispose of NORM, Texcom has won distinction as one of the industry’s leading NORM experts and the go-to source for its proper and responsible disposal.

Through our subsidiary,Texcom Environmental Services (TES) , Texcom processes and disposes of NORM and accepts any concentration of E&P NORM for disposal. Moreover, TES employs Radiation Safety Officers who are available to provide on-site training and certification of our E&P customer’s operation personnel.

In addition to our NORM disposal services, we also offer:

  • Client-specific NORM monitoring and surveying
  • NORM safety briefs and regulatory updates
  • On-site Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA) laboratory tests
  • Comprehensive documentation required for regulatory compliance purposes

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